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Justin Carpenter

September 2022

Tax Refunds Vs Tax Liability

Understanding the difference between tax refunds and tax liability is crucial. With tax season on…

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Rideshare – Uber/ Lyft – Industry, 1099, Deductible Expenses

With the popularity of ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft on the rise, more and…

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Retirement for Business Owners – Retirement Plans for Self-Employed and Business Owners

Being a business owner provides a certain measure of freedom that simply cannot be compared….

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Paying Yourself through Your Business

One of the questions that business owners have is how they can pay themselves through…

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Paying Taxes to the IRS Payment Options

When it comes to paying your taxes, the IRS provides a multitude of options. Gone…

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Paying Estimated Tax Payments

Employers have to withhold taxes from their employee’s paychecks and send the money to the…

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Current Tax Events

The IRS encourages every taxpayer to stay informed about the latest tax events. Whether you…

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