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Carpenter Tax Accounting & Business Solutions is a Boutique professional Accounting Firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

We provide a variety of Accounting services to individuals, small business owners and independent professionals.
We are dedicated to working closely with each of our clients to understand their specific needs and assist them in realizing their business objectives. Our staff has expertise in tax preparation and tax planning, consulting, budgeting, financial metrics, Lean Six Sigma and other areas. We pride ourselves in serving the local community; we’ve built an unmatched record for integrity and expertise.

How are we different?

We offer virtual and in-person tax accounting services to clients across the U.S. over a breadth of industries. We have the benefit of servicing our clients without them having to leave the comfort of their own home. We have specific tools in place that will allow our client(s) to begin their tax return in the comfort of their own home!
We pride ourselves in making the tax filing process fun and informative. This can be a stressful process for most taxpayers, so lets have some fun and get informed in the meantime!

Better Solutions for All Your Accounting & Book Keeping Needs

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